11 trendy dresses to save you from winter cocktail parties!

Have you ever wondered what to wear to your friend’s wedding in December or November? Soiree and cocktail dresses vary from season to season. And each season has its fashion trends; this winter was different from the winter that preceded it and from the summer and spring of this year in general. 

From tight and colorful dresses to long cocktail dresses and, finally, shiny, sequined dresses, we offer you the latest cocktail dress trends for this winter that you can easily wear to your girlfriend’s wedding, engagement party, or even a simple fall-winter 2022 event.

Your guide to the 11 best cocktail dress trends this winter 2022

Wild pattern cocktail dresses

Image source: Vogue

Wild prints are one of the most popular in fall and winter, as most of the clothes are inspired by this print and similar ones. Therefore, it is considered one of the popular fashion trends in cocktail dresses this year, especially the small ones.

Sparkly cocktail dresses

Image source: Mariedresses

Shiny fabrics occupy the top of our list today in the trend of cocktail dresses for this year. Whatever the design of the dress, the shiny fabrics will increase its beauty and highlight it more. Wear it for night outs or your next birthday party!

Cocktail dresses in bright colors

Image source: Weheartit

Of course, cocktail dresses with bright and glamorous colors are one of the dress trends for this winter 2022, as these bright colors are prevalent in all clothing styles, whether in casual, daily, or evening dresses. But don’t forget to use the right colors for your skin tone.


Side slits cocktail dresses 

Image source: itsmilladress.com

Absolutely perfect dresses for those with broad shoulders and an apple-shaped body. The big story at the legs will help draw attention to it and distract attention from the rest of the body.

Black cocktail dresses

Photo credit: weddingforward.com
 Black lovers, where are you? The black color in all its shades is with us amid the cocktail dress trends for this winter 2022. It is suitable for those with a sharp, bold personality who is not afraid to wear black at three in the afternoon at her friend’s wedding!

Wide cocktail dresses

Image source: youtube.com
Veiled women and those who prefer to wear wide clothes will like this type of dress design. Whatever the dress’s color or the print engraved, it is on our list today as long as its cut is wide.  

Tight cocktail dresses

Image source: whowhatwear.com

Contrary to the previous point, the body-contouring dresses are also on our list for today. According to what I realized during my search for our list, they are the story of dresses intended to enhance the positive thought of any body shape by showing its curves at all times and occasions, so can you adopt it?

Sixties inspired cocktail dresses.

Image source: Rana Saad account on Pinterest

With the spread of Old Money fashion or the style of the rich and queens, it is only natural that we find high-end dresses inspired by the fifties and sixties with us today. Adopt these old designs with red makeup without contouring or bronzer to complete your look!

Off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses

Image source: Lisa’s Pinterest account

If you have a sizeable dress design that will suit you greatly, an hourglass body or a rectangular body, then this dress Dion to the shoulder area in the open dress story will distract attention from the rest of the body.

Long cocktail dresses

Image source: Minara’s Pinterest account

Very long, ankle-leLongses are one of the trends in winter and fall 2022. Hence, it is on our list of cocktail dresses as well. You can adopt it with the material and color you want, provided that you wear high heels with it so that your figure appears.

Corset cocktail dresses

Image source: whowhatwear.com 

A Disney princess? why not! Dresses with a defined waist (corset) are the best in highlighting the beauty of your waist and softness. That’s why you’ll love this simple, feminine trend that won’t cost you any effort.

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