45 Simple and cheap New Year decoration ideas 2023

new year 2023 ideas

Want to rock the New Year’s Eve decor? So, get ready to discover simple and cheap New Year decoration ideas, staying on top of the trends for New Year’s Eve 2022/2023.

The options presented are practical and easy to carry out, making you invest the minimum to make the most of it. In addition, the tips will help you imagine many other decorating possibilities.

The general idea is to allow each one to have the autonomy to decorate their space as they see fit, keeping in mind many different references and inspirations.

It has ideas for all tastes, covering the most minimalist styles to the most daring.

Check out every detail to stay on top of everything that is most interesting for your party.

Simple and cheap New Year decoration tips for New Year’s Eve 2023

These tips are essential to get your hands dirty and producing fantastic ideas for New Year’s Eve 2023 with a lot of creativity and without spending a lot.

With them, it will be easier to ensure that the party is attractive and cheerful, bringing the traditional symbols and colors for this moment.

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Use balloons of different sizes

Bladders in different sizes can form deconstructed arches or bring a more modern touch to traditional hooks.

simple and cheap new year decoration
Photo: @fazendoafestaaa

In addition, balloons can fill space in different ways, exploring the sizes of balloons through creative and bold ideas.

Use metallic colors and light tones.

Metallic colors can convey the feeling of luxury, while light tones, such as white and pastel tones, convey lightness for the turn of the year.

metallic simple new year decoration
Photo: @elianemramosdecor

These colors cannot be missing from your decorative palette, although other colors can also be used, such as lilac and black.

Decorate with ribbons and gold stars

Decorated ribbons can make loops and finish many ornaments, for example, filling in the edges of decorative arrangements.

simple new year decoration with stars
Photo: @encontrodefesteiras

And the gold stars are perfect for this customization, too, as they symbolize prosperity and success for the turn of 2023.

Let the fruits be part of the decoration.

Fruits are common foods in Christmas and New Year’s dinners, so it is possible to create decorative structures with these items on the main table of the party.

simple fruit new year decoration
Photo: @cenariodecoracoes

Thus, the fruits will make the space more colorful and can highlight the supper.

Reuse materials you already have at home.

Some materials are commonly reused for the end-of-the-year festivities, such as old Christmas ornaments, glass jars, bottles, boxes, and leftover fabric/ribbons.

recycled simple new year decor
Photo: @marciamoraes.estilo

The tip is to customize these materials however you want, painting, gluing, and revamping whatever is possible to create decorative arrangements and various ornaments for the wall or table.

Make cotton flowers

How about using your craft skills to make some cotton flower arrangements to give a different charm to your New Year’s party?

New Year decoration cotton flowers
Photo: @la_chloe_casa

They are charming pieces that can be formed only with cotton and other recycled materials, so you spend little and guarantee a beautiful and light decoration.

Create decorations with candles

Candles form the symbolism of hope and faith. With them, the environment will have a positive atmosphere.

New Year's decoration candles
Photo: @conesencias

They show the fire of creativity and inspiration, in addition to embellishing the environment with different and creative lighting.

Fill the space with flower arrangements. 

It is not always possible to buy many flowers at a flower shop when you don’t have much money, but it is possible to save by mixing natural and artificial flowers in the environment.

Flower arrangement for New Year decoration
Photo: @rverdade.design

In this case, using flowers will also save you from spending on other ornaments, as they will already do a beautiful decorative job.

Make the numeral 2023 in a creative way

The number of the year will be 2023 and it is common for it to stand out among the simple and cheap New Year decoration ideas.

Decoration with metallic stars and balloons
Photo: @sofisticatoeventos

Think about how to make this highlight because the numeral can be made with metallic balloons, flowers, EVA, or thick paper with glitter, among other options.

Decorate the bowls with nail polish

To customize the bowls, you can use nail polish to make dots around the glass (on the outside).

Cups with enamel New Year's decor
Photo: @hmaquarela

This will add a creative and charming touch and be an elegant alternative, using gold or silver colors to decorate the glasses that will toast the new year.

Recycle Christmas Lights

As mentioned, Christmas ornaments can be reused in New Year’s decorations, and the same goes for led lights or blinkers.

New Year's Eve decoration blinker
Photo: @81.home

You can also complement the decoration with these lights using broken and decorated lamps or placing them in strategic places to draw the attention of another decoration.

Create a panel with giant paper flowers

The use of flowers in the New Year’s Eve party is comprehensive and suggests many decorative possibilities.

New Year paper flower panel decoration
Photo: @souto.hellen_marshmallowfesta

One of them is the panel with giant paper flowers, based on the model you want and using the main colors of your party.

Decorate the table with corks

Start saving or collecting corks to reuse them at the end of the year.

New Year's Eve decoration with corks
Photo: @ofabiodecora

After all, a simple and practical decoration is to spread the corks on the drinks table or create decorative items with them, such as napkin holders or table centerpieces.

scatter confetti

The gold and silver confetti are perfect for being scattered in space.

Simple new year decorative confetti
Foto: @analuizafestasthe

If you don’t want to leave the confetti on the floor, only place them in specific spaces, such as on tables, in the dance hall or at the entrance to the party.

Invest in a fake cake

The fake cake can be an alternative if you want to save money on the production of the New Year’s Eve cake because everyone knows the importance of an ornamental cake for this celebration.

New Year's decoration fake cake
Foto: @elyestudio

So, a large model of fake cake will only have a decorative purpose but don’t forget to offer other delicious foods and even another cake for the guests.

Make the 2022 retrospective wall.

The 2022 retrospective mural is a simple and cheap New Year’s decoration idea and can be made using unique photos that were taken and revealed this year.

new year decor photo wall
Foto: @fotosnino

Another way to compose this wall is to write about the most critical events, considering the moments shared with the people at your party.

Simple and cheap New Year decoration tips

Worried about New Year’s decor?

White and gold decoration
Photo: @amaislindafesta

So get inspired by these simple and inexpensive ideas.

White new year decoration with blinkers
Foto: @andreaoliversoares

And two elements that cannot be missing are the fruits and the blinker.

New Year decoration with fruits and blinkers
Photo: @arteedecorcidamendes

The metallic balloons in the shape of the year will be celebrated too

New Year's decoration metallic balloons
Photo: @balaomagico.rp

Do you want something cuter than the combination of these elements in shades of pink?

New Year's metallic pink decor
Photo: @casadasembalagenspe

A silver and gold ribbon curtain is also sensational

New Year's Eve decoration with golden, white and silver balloons
Photo: @festasemcasa_jp

Filling the plant table with metallic balloons is simple and beautiful

New Year's Eve decoration with plants and balloon
Photo: @chriskesslereventos

Or make a waterfall out of translucent balloons to add charm.

New Year's Eve decoration with translucent balloons
Photo: @inspiresuafesta

A decoration with silver ribbons and blinkers is amazing

Silver and gold new year decor
Photo: @commemorar

In this particular moment, you can abuse everything flashy

Yellow New Year decoration with fruits
Photo: @decorartens

Because the arrival of a year is something that only happens once

Metallic and white New Year decor
Photo: @doutorfestas

For everyone to burst with joy, it’s essential to let the creativity flow

New Year's Eve decoration with balloon and panel
Photo: @fazendoafestaaa

The great idea is to use gold stars in the decor.

Golden new year decoration with stars and words
Photo: @festanca

And potted plants match the occasion perfectly.

White and gold New Year's Eve decor with vases
Photo: @festasemcasa_jp

Balloons in shades of blue with other colors go well together

New Year decoration in blue and metallic tones
Photo: @festbrink

The great idea is to put pearls inside bowls, and it looks too chic

New Year's Eve decoration with bowls and pearls
Photo: @festejandoporgimelo

Using flowers with a golden color is also wonderful

New Year decoration with flowers and gold
Photo: @inspiresuafesta

Or metallic pink balloons with silver ribbon

New Year's Eve decoration with metallic balloons and silver ribbons
Photo: @kellyfestass

How about a minimalist and beautiful decoration? Bet on this trend

New year decoration with balloon twinkle and star
Photo: @lafestas_laianesania

A well-made backdrop for photos is made with balloons and blinkers.

New Year's Eve decoration with white and gold balloon scenery
Photo: @lines.artdecoracao

It’s also cool to stick balloons on the wall to make it look like they’re floating.

Golden new year decoration with white flower
Photo: @maisfestatudoprafesta

Or make a bubbly by pouring balloons for fun

New Year's Eve decoration with sparkling wine and balloons
Photo: @mariaeduardadecoracoes

Gluing metallic “Happy New Year” balloons are simple and beautiful

Simple new year decoration with fruits
Photo: @kellyfestass

And a simple panel with lots of balloons is cheap.

New Year decoration with balloons of different sizes
Photo: @maripolafestas

Inspiration is to mix silver and gold, and it looks wonderful

New Year's Eve decoration with metallic and white balloons
Photo: @momentsencantados_

A cup can also spill balloons, right?

Simple new year decoration with balloons
Photo: @sonho_meu_decoracao_bjn

How about lighting up the New Year with sparkling stars?

New Year's Eve decoration with illuminated stars
Photo: @tatianejales

Mixing warm and cold tones is also perfect, as you can see

New Year decoration in warm and cold tones
Photo: @umdiadefesta

In this way, your celebration will be magnificent for everyone.

Silver New Year's Eve decoration with flowers
Photo: @worldkidsfest

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