Following Zara’s second-hand clothing initiative: Local and international brands promoting sustainabilityIbrahim’s wish11/9/22, 7:00 PM

Have you heard about the news that the international clothing brand “Zara” announced the establishment of its store to sell used clothes? Of course, used clothes and Zara are weird. 
Usually, fast fashion clothing brands, such as Zara and others, want the consumer to shop and consume clothes constantly until they buy from them again, and so on. But in light of the current economic situation and the spread of pollution in the world extensively, which led to an apparent change in the general climate on the face of the globe, including Egypt, which hosted this year the Cop 27 conference, a conference on climate change in the whole world and the pollution that occurred very clearly due to Human negligence and others and how to reduce it.

Accordingly, many brands, whether for clothes or others, significantly encouraged the idea of ​​sustainability by selling used clothes, establishing a section for second-class clothing outlets, or even starting the industry from the ground up from recycled materials. All of them are brands that deserve respect and appreciation from us. So, from here on, Fustany, we like to remind them, encourage them, and review some of these brands that significantly promote sustainability.

Local brands for the manufacture of clothing and accessories from recycled materials

Reform Studio Store 

Every bag made from this brand is the quantity of plastic bags used to create this bag, like: “I am made of 48 plastic bags that were reused!” The plastic bag we purchase at supermarkets or commercial retailers will last long. It will not break down and is already a pollutant. The locally-owned brand Reform produces bags in various styles made of recycled plastic. The information is printed onto bags to warn us about the dangers associated with plastic use.
Website: Instagram
Reform Studio
Facebook: Reform Studio

Up-Fuse dealer 

This local brand is one of the first to encourage sustainability and use recycled materials to manufacture clothing and accessories. They began recycling plastic bags and reformulating them by making suitable materials. They make bags, shoes, and clothes with these same recycled materials! 
Instagram: Up-Fuse 
Facebook: Up-Fuse

Used clothing stores

Diamond Diggers Store

It is a specialized store selling used clothes and accessories of an old, retro character. The owner of this brand photographs pieces of clothing in a more than excellent way while writing a specific description for each detail of dress, whether size, shape, or color, to encourage people to buy and consume used clothes in general.
Instagram: Diamond Diggers

Retro Geek Store

Are you looking for clothing made of natural materials such as genuine leather, fur, etc., and do not want to spend a lot of money with the idea that used clothes are the focus of buying clothes for you? Then, this store will be your first resort!
Retro Geek is a shop mainly dedicated to high-quality second-hand clothes; it does not sell ordinary garments; it is second-hand luxury clothes.

Instagram: Retro Geek

Eskai Store

The Sky store is based on ​​displaying used clothes from ordinary consumers and selling them again in their exhibition. We all have clothes we don’t need in our wardrobes, and we put them back in the closet every season without using them. Accordingly, this was the idea of ​​this store: to display used clothes from consumers, sell them through them, and market them.

Phone number: 01112111988
Instagram: eskaiofficial

International and local brands that encourage and adopt the idea of ​​sustainability

Sunbox store

“Made from 100 100% Egyptian cotton.” This is the primary goal of Sunbox, the proprietor of the brand locally known as Sunbox. Unbleached cotton lasts a long time as a product that is not easily damaged. This makes it sustainable; however, mixing synthetic fibers with cotton can make the product more expensive and cause environmental pollution. Doing massive harm to the earth is a necessity, and I am sure the cost may be costly, but be sure that the price you pay now, you’ll pay in the future.
Instagram: Sunboxeg

Defacto DeFacto

The DeFacto brand has announced that it plans the idea of ​​sustainability in the clothing industry to reduce the percentage of pollution caused by the ready-to-wear industry. One of these decisions: –
By 2023, 30% of their clothing will be made from sustainable materials.
20% of their clothing will be made from recycled cotton and polyester.
They are applying the principle of non-waste in their factories, workshops, and private offices.


By 2023, the Gant brand will adopt a fundamental principle of ​​sustainability in general, “From Dirt to Shirt,” to reduce the environmental pollution caused by making a single shirt and its impact on the world.
Among these solutions and decisions:
– Using organic and recycled cotton instead of cotton mixed with synthetic materials and fibers.
By 2050, they will eliminate any new materials used in their apparel production process and replace them with recycled materials.
Website: Gant. eg

Dress Code

Among the local brands that have opened a special section on their website, which is the
outlet, this section, or this word, is not intended to sell used clothes. Still, it is second-class clothes that have some minor manufacturing defects such as a defect in sewing, or the presence of a notch on the material, and so on. . Instead of disposing of these clothes in a way that could pollute the environment, we sell them to the consumer, but at a price much lower than the total cost of the product.

In conclusion, the idea of ​​sustainability, in general, is an idea that is important to discuss and adopt seriously, as the garment industry, in general, is one of the environmental pollutants in our current era. Therefore, we had to think of other solutions that help us protect the globe and at the same time be, as usual, on the latest fashion in the world!

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