Here are eight ways to keep your garden looking great in winter

Here are eight ways to keep your garden looking great in winter

Winter is the most challenging season for your garden. It becomes dry when the leaves and flowers die, and it also causes the plants to wither. Strong winds and rain can cause damage to trees and plants. Most plants in home gardens cannot withstand winter, mainly if it is cold.

Winter is coming, and you have probably started to make winter decorations for your garden. This does not mean you have to neglect it.

1- Don’t wait for winter to become completely heavy with its snow, rain, and frost. Instead, take advantage of the time between autumn and spring to gather and dispose of dead leaves and eliminate poisonous weeds.

2- Tree branches that are being stripped should be cut. This is done by evaluating if they can withstand heavy snowfall. Cut as many extensions as you can if they are weak or thin.

3- Move the pots of plants that cannot withstand the cold towards the entry of the inner home. It can be used to prolong its life or to keep it alive throughout winter if it’s not winter-ready.

4- Keep your lawn mower in good condition by covering it with a cloth and storing it somewhere rainwater cannot reach, such as a garage or store.

5- Some flowers, such as pansies, aster, and kale, can tolerate mild winters. These flowers will ensure that your balcony has plenty of flowers during winter.

6- Take advantage of old plants by removing a few centimeters, removing the flowers, and planting them in new pots. Until they become fully leafy in spring.

7- Lift the branches of climbing plants even if they have lost their green leaves. It can be hung on a ladder or a wall with a nail or an old seat. Spring will bring out a beautiful array of decor.

8- Do not disconnect the electrical supply to the garden equipment. Keep the spraying medicine containers in safe locations. Bring the umbrellas and cloth seats inside. Also, do not leave any rusty garden tools outside.

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