New Year’s decoration 2023: the 17 most original ideas

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Are you looking for original ideas for your New Year decoration? You’re in luck: here are 17 inspirations for a New Year’s decor like no other! In practice, it is a question of knowing how to personalize typical elements of the holidays to obtain pretty decorations: add confetti to your balloons, sprinkle your bottles with sequins, and create origami for your garlands… A wide choice of ideas is available to you, including if you want a homemade New Year’s decoration!

2023 is fast approaching! Even if this year, Covid obliges, you will be much less numerous than usual, don’t neglect the decoration! Nothing like it to change your mind and bring a festive atmosphere!

The 17 original ideas for the decoration of the New Year 2023

Between using balloons and sequins through garlands to make yourself, you will not run out of ideas for your New Year’s Eve decoration!

1. The balloon clock for an explosive countdown!

3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! This count made and redone each year does not fail to punctuate the transition to the new year. But how about making it even more thrilling

To do this, we suggest that you pierce a balloon every second that passes. Something to entertain your guests even more during the last moments of 2022!

Clock with balloons

A balloon clock for a countdown worthy of the name

Hire a decorator to create a festive interior!

2. Emphasize the countdown with clock symbols

Similarly, do not hesitate to emphasize time in your New Year’s decoration. Moreover, the balloons you will pierce can also serve as a clock for your New Year’s Eve. New year’s eve: place needles on the walls of the balloons.

Place needles and numbers on other balloons, or plant them in your cakes!

clock balloons

Balloon clocks to remind time

DIY clocks on cupcakes

DIY clocks to announce the new year

Clocks and bottles on DIY straws

You can customize them and combine them with other objects.

3. Float away your memories of the past year

Here is an original DIY idea for your New Year 2023 decoration: attach photos to balloons. Select the best pictures of 2022, and place them as table decorations so you can look back on the best moments of the past year and prepare for a new year full of surprises!

Balloons with pictures

Floating balloons highlight photos.

4. Express your artistic soul on balloons

Another decoration idea to make yourself:  paint your balloons! Gold and silver will, of course, be in the spotlight, but also find out about the 2022 paint trends or the 2022 Pantone color to adapt your decor accordingly and announce the color to your guests!

painted balloons

Balloons with a touch of paint to personalize

5. Add pep and cheer with confetti

Balloons are an essential part of the holidays! So here’s one last original New Year decoration idea: place confetti on and inside your balloons! This is another way to personalize them in a very authentic and inexpensive way.

Balloons with confetti

Balloons with confetti for an original style

Balloons with confetti

Transparent balloons to highlight the confetti

Balloons with confetti

Mix the confetti for excellent results

6. Impress your guests with glittery bottles 

Are you tired of seeing the same bottles at the table? Don’t you think personalizing them would be more interesting than just leaving the label for your guests to admire? 

Get some glue spray on the bottle, and squirt some glitter on it. Your ideas have no limits: you can choose the sequin’s color, mix them up, and create unique creations.

Bottles with sequins

Use different glitter colors for your bottles

Bottles with sequins

You can even add a touch of elegance like here

Bottles with sequins

Use sequins of similar colors to play on the materials.

7. The photo background to be the model of the new year

An essential decor to celebrate the last day of the year in style: the photo background!

You can buy one already made or create it yourself: assemble bars to create a frame or hang decorations such as garlands from the ceiling. But, of course, your guests will all want to play the stars at your place!

Photo background

A simple gold decoration to remind the holidays

Photo background

You can hang garlands from a simple frame

Photo background

A festive decor that will delight all guests!

Do you want a decoration to match the event? Then, take advantage of the advice of an interior decorator!

8. The origami garland for a warm atmosphere

Would you like to bring a touch of originality to your light? Then, it’s not time to put away your light garlands: personalize them with origami!

Select a simple shape to make with paper and arrange them on the different lights of your garlands: a warm and cozy atmosphere is guaranteed! You can even use patterned papers for a unique look.

Origami garland

An origami paper garland with different patterns

Origami garland

Vary the colors of the papers for a solid DIY element

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