Nine different styles of cargo pants, fall-winter 2022 fashion, and where to sell

Have you seen these TikTok clips on social media pages of some outfits for loose fitting trousers with several pockets? Did you get this shiver of nostalgia at the time? The time when we were watching old Hollywood stars like Britney Spears in her songs dancing in these pants? 
Cargo pants are back to us again in the fall-winter 2022 season! With many different designs to satisfy all parties, Generation Z now dominates the fashion arena and fashion trends that are with us in all seasons. With the click of a button from one of the fashion influencers and bloggers of this generation, all the scales in the world of fashion, skincare and beauty are tipped. Hence, I did not miss this moment to show you the best designs of cargo pants that I found in the market, which will give us several options to choose what suits our general taste and style every day.

Nine different styles of cargo pants, fall-winter 2022 fashion, and where to sell them

1- Cargo pants from Aftermath

One of the local brands that received great acclaim since last summer, as it was characterized by light, youthful designs suitable for all tastes. Its owner, Sarah Hani, a well-known fashion and beauty blogger, gave her own touch to this collection, which will surely appeal to many of all ages in the fall and winter of 2022.

Aftermath contact information:

Instagram: Aftermath



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2- Adidas cargo pants

Do you want to show up to your next workout while looking trendy? Adidas did not miss this opportunity to keep up with fashion and changes its trends every day, and designed sports cargo pants suitable for exercise, gym and sports club. It is made of 100% nylon material to allow you to move with ease and ease, with an appropriate size to suit you at all times.

Adidas contact information:

Instagram: Adidas

Facebook: Adidas

Email: Adidas 

Phone number: 26962878

Address: Adidas has many branches that you can find the closest to you through this link

3- Wide cargo pants from Lefties

Do you want to adopt the style of cargo pants, but the elastic band at the ankle area bothers? This elastic band bothers me, too, and sometimes leaves a mark at the ankle seam that is not pleasant against the skin, especially if the pants are made of synthetic material. 
For this reason, I found these excellent wide-leg pants from Lefties brand very suitable for veiled women and lovers of loose style in general with clothes. Moreover, it’s a lightweight material that’s easy to wear on fall and warm sunny days.

Lefties’ contact information:

Instagram: Lefties

Facebook: Lefties

Email: lefties

Branches: City Stars, Mall of Arabia

4- Cargo pants with multiple pockets from Dress Code

Cargo pants in the latest fashion from a local brand at a price of only 300 pounds, and you can order them at any time quickly. Yes, Dress Code provides you with these features in a pair of trousers that are very suitable for college and quick outings, with several pockets attached and sewn on the trousers to give the appropriate shape to the design of the cargo pants we like to adopt every day.

Dress Code contact information:

Instagram: Dress Code

Facebook: Dress Code



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5- Cargo jeans from Kajwelo

Cargo jeans? Indeed, this is what we want this fall and winter for the year 2022. We cannot do without the style and coordination of the cargo jeans with the oversized Puff Jacket for the university, as it is a proper coordination for every day and any time. Or team cargo jeans with a crop top and strappy sandals and you’ll be ready for your girlfriend’s birthday. They are all multiple looks that you can create with these cargo jeans.

Kajwelo’s contact information:

Instagram: Kajwelo 

Facebook: Kajwelo


Phone number: 01558366483


6- Ravin cargo pants

Want an everyday cargo pant in a color that goes with most of the outfits in your wardrobe? Then your choice this year 2022 will be the local brand Ravin.
They offer a range of on-trend trousers, including these cargo pants in pastel olive color that can be teamed with any jacket or top to suit your style.

You can purchase this product via this link

Amazon contact information:

Instagram: Amazon

Facebook: Amazon

Email: Amazon


7- Cargo pants with a distinctive design from Opio

I absolutely love the design of these cargo pants from Opio. It is distinguisMultiple buttons and pockets distinguish ite style that you will not find in other cargo pants designs. With a side slit at the hem and a loose-fitting wide leg style, these pants earn a spot on our list today!

Opio contact information:

Instagram: Opio

Facebook: Opio

Phone number: 01000706644



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8- LCW Satin Cargo Pants

Cargo pants made of shiny satin? How is that? After the international artist Zendaya approved the design of this satin cargo pants from the global fashion house Balmain, all women and girls searched for a suitable alternative to these pants, ideal for all the evenings and outings we await in the fall and winter nights of this year 2022.
Therefore, I found these pants from the brand LCW, which will satisfy your desire to own these beautiful pants and include them in your wardrobe.

LCW contact information:

Instagram: LCW

Facebook: LCW

Phone number: 19739


Branches: LCW has several components, which you can find out about via this link


9- Defacto cargo pants

Cargo pants made of 100% cotton at a price of 499 pounds from the Defacto brand, available everywhere and online too! Is there anything better than that? 
One of the most important characteristics that we should know about trousers is the material, and cotton is a very comfortable material, being a natural material suitable for all times and outings, and also ideal for university and daily excursions. So, never hesitate or think before adopting it in your wardrobe.

Defacto contact information:

Instagram: Defacto

Phone number: 01033455858

Email: Defacto

Affiliates: Defacto has several affiliates that you can find out about via this link


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