Six pieces of travel clothes .. achieve the problematic equation of comfort and elegance

6 pieces of travel clothes .. achieve the difficult equation of comfort and eleganceTravel clothes. Illustrative photo

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When anyone thinks about traveling, the primary goal is comfort, relaxation, and separation from the reality of work and formalities. The first thing to think about after booking is the clothes that will be worn during travel, so they must be chosen carefully and focused so that It does not become a hindrance to the trip, so the seventh day, review a group of clothes that must be owned to spend a happy and comfortable journey, according to what was published by “ onantaforbes” as follows:

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Comfortable jacket

It is preferable to have a comfortable jacket that is not tight or clinging to the skin so as not to hinder your movement and make you feel uncomfortable. ,

Comfortable jacketComfortable jacket‎

Sports pants

There are many shapes and types of sports pants, all of which are suitable for travel because they are intended for complex movements, so they do not hinder your activities, including shorts and sweatpants, but it is preferable to choose high-waisted pants,


Sports jumpsuit

It is possible to buy more than one jumpsuit due to its different shapes, cuts, and sleeves. ,

Sports jumpsuitSports jumpsuit

Athletic Kochi

Depending on the type of travel, you can choose the appropriate coach, whether it is for running, walking, or mountain climbing. Each exercise has a different kind that facilitates movement for you. ,

Athletic ShoeAthletic Shoe

Long cardigan

There is no objection to choosing a long cardigan that helps you not to think if the clothes are tight or show your body shape to others; this piece makes you wear whatever you like without worrying. ,


long cardiganlong cardigan

The dress is over the jacket

This distinctive piece can be chosen to be worn in more than one way; it can be worn alone if the weather is suitable for that, or with a shawl or a comfortable jacket over it if the weather is cold, or even a cardigan, as it is the piece Which is called travel magic, which gives you more than one appearance by exploiting the rest of the articles. ,

Dress over a jacketDress over a jacket

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