What is the fashion for fall-winter 2022 shoes?

Who among us does not like to renew her look by following the fashion of fall-winter 2022 shoes! There are many girls who feel confused when choosing the model that matches their look, because sometimes the boot does not match your clothes. That is why we have collected a list of the most prominent shoe trends on the catwalk and were chosen by many fashion bloggers to get the perfect look this fall.

What is the fashion for fall-winter 2022 shoes?

Block heeled sandal

Image source: nectarinedreams.com
The first to design this sandal is the international fashion house Valentino. They are the first to draw and implement the design, and other brands imitate this design to gain everyone’s admiration. 2022.

High boots above the knees

Image source: stylist.co.uk One
of the trends that came back to us from 2016, who among us has not tried this boot design in the past years? It is a very suitable design for tall women, as it divides the legs into two halves, and thus works to greatly balance the length of the feet. Therefore, if your height is 165 cm or more, you can definitely adopt it.

Engineered shoes! 

Image source: us.tonybianco.com
Yes, as you read.. sharp, dimensional shoes are at the top of the shoe trends for this fall-winter 2022. They spread last year and are with us today, but sharper than before without many many curves . The closest examples are the famous loafers and moccasins.

Fur and feather boots!

Image source: closetfulofclothes.com
Fur this season (FW 2022) is the Joker! Fur bags, coats, and fur jackets are among the fashion trends this season. Therefore, local fashion designers or international fashion houses did not fail to use this material in the manufacture and design of shoes! Certainly, this shoe will not suit the rainy weather, so do not miss adopting it on a sunny day during the fall and winter days of this year.

Metallic shoes

Image source: whowhatwear.co.uk
Are you a fan of the vintage bohemian style inspired by Indian culture? If your answer is yes, then this trend will suit you perfectly. Shiny metallic shoes made of shiny materials that reflect light are among the shoe trends for this season. So do not hesitate to visit this store that sells vintage bohemian clothes and get one of them.

Sports shoes 

Photo credit: vogue.com
I know it’s a must-have for any girl’s or woman’s shoe wardrobe, but this season it’s one of the actual shoe trends. How could we pass up this opportunity without putting it on the list? Especially since Gen Z and young TikTok influencers mostly won’t wear thick heels.

Wide lace-up shoes 

Image source: aylinkoenig.com One
of the trends that came to us years ago; as I remember this was the shoe design I used to wear in school! Unfortunately, it is not suitable if your feet are wide from the bottom, as this wide tape will make them appear larger and wider.

colorful shoes

Image source: Nothing To Wear
Want to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe? Of course, you can rely on colored shoes as an option that completely changes the way you look. Especially since colorful shoes are a trend of fall and winter 2022 fashion, which many fashion bloggers have adopted in their fall outfits on social media such as Instagram and TikTok.

Flat ballerina shoes

Image source: whowhatwear.com One
of the continuous trends with us since last year, comfortable ballerina shoes that are far from being comfortable and practical, they are also; theynt and give a harmonious shape to tall women and those with an inverted triangle body. It is suitable for several outings and occasions, as you can wear it during the day with a casual outfit or at night with a short dress.

Conclusion: The fashion trends for shoes in the fall and winter of 2022 are very diverse, you just have to choose what is right for you, your body shape and your lifestyle.

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