New Year’s Decoration 2023: Discover 75 Inspirations to Caprichar at the New Year’s Eve Party

Decor for the New Year 2023 can be different, easy to make, and economical.

As has become a tradition in Brazil, the end-of-year festivities are always eagerly awaited throughout the year.

Many people plan a beautiful New Year’s party to celebrate the turn of another cycle. The idea is to celebrate with close friends and family the past year and the year to come.

Each year, the feeling that everything will be better accompanies people, increasing the desire to celebrate and say goodbye to the old year and wish them a Happy New Year.

New Year's Eve 2023 decoration
Photo: @familicesoficial

And with that, many concerns can arise, one of them being the decoration for the New Year.

To contribute to a neat party, with the decoration of tables, panels, pool, and other things, on the following pages, we have selected some decorating tips in the “do it yourself” style, with super creative ideas!

New Year’s Decoration (New Year’s Eve) 2023 simple 

Some ideas can be simple, easy to make, and beautiful for this year’s New Year’s Eve decoration.

balloons, glasses and champagne
Photo: @lar.dachris

Although it seems complicated and suddenly causes some concern, it is possible to make these beautiful models of decorations and ornaments at home to welcome friends on this particular date. Here are a few simple New Year 2023 decor tips:

Buy metallic balloons

Metallic balloons are on the rise. In addition, they are easy to use for decoration.

Photo: @baloescriativosjf

Choose an outdoor place to decorate

An outdoor decoration makes everything flow better. Also, it rarely rains at the end of the year, specifically on New Year’s Eve, so you don’t have to worry about having an outdoor party.

Light up the place

Lighting brings sophistication and will contribute to beautiful photos.

new year decoration for church
Photo: @fazendofestaoficial

abuse of creativity

There’s always a corner that can be decorated, like the small rooms in your home. At this time, abuse your creativity and decorate every corner you find necessary.

Decorate with food and drink

Some foods can be left on the table ahead of time. For example, separate some fruits like grapes, which are traditional at the end of the year, and decorate the table beautifully.

new year decoration for table
Photo: @mirimi_

Drinks can also be in pitchers with ice to compose the table.

Create flags with Happy New Year writing

This will add charm to the decor.

New Year’s Eve 2023 decoration with recycled material 

Recycled materials are great options to be used in decorations. In addition to making beautiful ornaments with them, this helps to avoid waste.

Photo: @barbariskikids

Below are some fantastic tips for New Year 2023 decoration with recycled material:

Use as garrafas de vidro

The bottles are great for recycling and making beautiful decorations. They can be decorated to taste and serve, for example, as flower vases or to place streamers. Your table will look stunning!

simple new year decoration
Photo: @ascriativasdecor

Make decorative paper balls.

The recycled paper decor looks beautiful and is very easy to make. Just get some glossy paper you won’t use anymore or plain paper and paint. A silver or gold color stands out in the New Year.

Reuse aluminum cans

Make a beautiful decoration with recycled cans and natural flowers. You can hang them or place them on the primary or corner table. It’s a charm!

cans with flowers
Photo: Daily Listen

Use old matchboxes

A great way to take advantage of this item and recycle it is by placing confetti inside matchboxes and distributing them among guests. Then, at countdown time, everyone can throw confetti in the wind.

gift boxes

How about using Christmas gift boxes to decorate the New Year’s dinner table?

Photo: @mabee_home


Use old paper and chop. Then, the great idea is to place the shredded documents inside a giant balloon and pop it on New Year’s Eve. 

Reusing Christmas Balls

Creating a decoration using Christmas balls is a great way to save money.

hanging christmas balls
Photo: DIY Craft Ideas

New Year’s Eve 2023 decoration in the pool 


Every party needs to have balloons; that’s a fact! So filling the pool area with gold, white, silver, and transparent balloons will make you rock the New Year 2023 decor.

balloons in the pool
Photo: Ready for Yes

Jugs of juices and drinks on tables near the pool

Part of the drinks and food must be available to the guests. Therefore, pitchers with drinks and food must be on a decorated table near the pool area.

candles in decoration

Candles are a great idea to compose your pool decor, as it is an open area, there is no risk of fire and; in addition, and candles at night will give a particular highlight, making your party look amazing. Floating candles inside the pool will only add.

candles in the pool

Floats with drinks in the pool

This is a great decoration idea. If you choose not to put the floating candles inside the pool, another tip is to put buoys with drinks. So guests will find it fun and want to jump in the water. 


Even if your outdoor area already has flowers, bet on the flowery decoration around the pool or inside; this will give your decoration a unique charm.

flowers in the pool
Foto: Angela’s Weddings in Spain

Cheap ideas to decorate the New Year 2023 

Saving money on holidays is always good, especially when the year ends. However, there are ways to throw a beautiful party without breaking the bank.

Getting creative is a great way to save money when planning your party.

To get an idea of ​​how to save, check out these tips:


The first step to saving money on a party is to remember how much you can and are willing to spend. Making a basic budget is fundamental because you’ll know what you can or can’t have at this party.

Foto: @c.loves.c

plan your time

Knowing how much time you will have available on the day or how far in advance you will need to start decorating is essential.

Organization is key

If possible, write everything you will need in a notebook for decoration. Thus, it will be easier not to run away from the budget when buying materials, food, and drinks.

Photo: @home__decor85

Buy only what you need.

Remember that many things you have at home can be reused. So a great way to throw a party on the cheap is to buy only what you need.

Planning a New Year’s party can be more accessible with determination, organization, and creativity. Therefore, follow the tips, unleash your creativity and make a beautiful decoration for the New Year 2023.

1 – Charming New Year’s table with flowers and a clothesline with stars and pompoms

Photo: @ateliedefestasmichellebatista

2 – Metallic curtain that creates a beautiful panel for photos

Photo: @lar.da.alessandra

3 – New Year’s decoration with blinkers is easy to make

Photo: @_st.art_studio_

4 – New Year’s table decorated with candlesticks and candle 

Photo: @donalina_

5 – Metallic balloons are super trendy

Photo: @portaldasfestas

6 – Incredible combination of rose gold and silver New Year’s decor

Photo: @vechiartfestas

7 – Personalized balloons with phrases make the decoration more modern

Photo: @baloescriativosjf

8 – Golden numbers are super practical for New Year’s Eve decorations

Photo: @lar_3coracoes

9 – A way to use Christmas balls at the New Year’s party

Foto: @lucianasaffaro

10 – An unusual color combination

Photo: @decorparty_msk

11 – A rustic touch in the decoration of a special corner of the house 

Photo: @alina_flor_interior

12 – What do you think of the white and silver New Year decorations?

Photo: @cumulus_globe

13 – Make these beautiful paper ornaments yourself! 

Foto: @craftologyyy

14 – New Year decoration with recycled bottles

Photo: @decorfacili

15 – Personalized cups for you and your guests

Photo: @elikafestas

16 – Souvenirs that can be used for decoration

Photo: @interioresemais

17 – Luxury table set for a New Year’s Eve dinner

Photo: @jeanettkh

18 – Options for ornaments in silver and gold

Foto: @mamaraecreates

19 – Simple and cheap New Year decoration

Photo: @fefazafesta

20 – For those who like to decorate with candles

Photo: @decorfacili

21 – Colorful balloons brighten the atmosphere

Photo: @mimoseamoresfestas

22 – Also bet on the fringe clothesline 

Photo: @portaldasfestas

23 – Chic decor on a budget

Photo: @sanch3721

24 – Lighting makes all the difference

Photo: @decorfacili

25 – The table decorated with flowers has charm

Photo: @interiorbymarie

26 – The tip is to pay attention to all the details

Photo: @mirimi_

27 – The more balloons, the more beautiful it is

Photo: @portaldasfestas

28 – Positive messages show enormous affection

Photo: @grazielebrandao_

29 – What do you think of this table decorated with cake and sweets?

Nowadays, it has become a classic, and people like to bake a beautiful New Year’s cake, so take advantage of the trend and see the ideas we have prepared for you here on the blog 🙂

Photo: @yuppivaiterfesta

30 – Bold decoration with black

Photo: @frillfetti

31 – Creativity cannot be missing!

Foto: @crafty_lou.willis

32 – Choose your favorite colors to celebrate New Year’s Eve 

new year 2021
Foto: @sweetinspirationhome

33 – Define your decor before you start

new year 2021
Photo: @balloonsdream

34 – Make a budget, so you don’t spend more than necessary

balloons new year 2021
Photo: @festivaenfeites

35 – Bet on natural flowers whenever you can

new year champagne balloons
Photo: @portaldasfestas

36 – Even the simplest decorations enchant

new year decorative balloons
Photo: @balloonbinha

37 – Decorating the sweets table with balloons is also a great option

metal balls new year 2021
Photo: @ducaslocfestas

38 – Ribbon bows add a finishing touch to the decor

balloons for new year
Photo: @ducaslocfestas

39 – Decorative vases are cheap and quick to make

new year centerpiece
Photo: @kateryna_bay

40 – The cylinder table trio is a strong trend

new year decoration 2021
Photo: @chris_decor

41 – The round panel is another trend that is here to stay

chic new year decor
Photo: @portaldasfestas

42 – Creative decoration with cups and candles

decoration with lentils new year
Photo: @sanch3721

43 – A New Year’s party full of style

New Year's Decoration 2021
Photo: @portaldasfestas

44 – Bottles with blinkers are a charm

outdoor new year decoration
Photo: @cuestion_de_orden

45 – Black and gold is another sensational combination

new year decoration with balloons
Photo: @barbariskikids

46 – New Year’s decoration with paper easy to make

new year decoration with paper flowers
Photo: @monika_krafty_arts

47 – Decorating with recycled material

new year decoration with recycled material
Photo: @familicesoficial

48 – An illuminated panel with blinkers blinks to take many pictures

new year decoration with blinker
Photo: @paulaartsfesta.oficial

49 – Decoration with balloons can be placed directly on the floor

new year decoration in 2021
Photo: @festashowtubarao

50 – Simple but super cute decor

fruit table new year decoration
Photo: @lardaflavina

51 – The centerpiece with candles makes the atmosphere cozier

new year decoration in the garden
Photo: @n.jaipuria

52 – The traditional decoration with bowls and candles 

new year decorated bowls
Foto: @catiainbox

53 – Abusing gold in decoration

Photo: @portaldasfestas

54 – Playing with the numbers

new year decoration for pool
Photo: @luxfestaspersonalizadas

55 – Sensational coffee table decoration

new year decoration for living room
Foto: @artecomcapricho

56 – For those who like crafts

new year decoration for site
Photo: @shumbnataliya

57 – Decoration with helium gas balloons

new year cake decoration
Photo: @conversadevizinha

58 – Simple decorations for the dining table

table decoration set new year
Photo: @sanch3721

59 – Balloons on the wall are super fun

Photo: @tesa_polska

60 – Delicate decoration with flowers

new year table decor
Photo: @decorfacili

61 – Decoration for the entrance to the party venue

gold and black decor
Photo: @barbariskikids

62 – Combining white, gold, and silver

new year dining table decoration
Photo: @kellyfestass

63 – Metallized balloon in the shape of a champagne bottle is perfect

sparkling new year decoration
Photo: @conversadevizinha

64 – Easy idea to decorate a simple candle

new year party decoration
Photo: @decorfacili

65 – The clock is another essential element in the decoration

new year wreath
Foto: @crafty_lou.willis

66 – Basic and chic decoration at the same time

light fixture 2021 new year party
Photo: @milfestasdecor

67 – Illuminated balls can also be used at other parties

new year light
Photo: @nitavskaja.tati

68 – Beautiful personalized tags by hand 

new year table 2021
Photo: @decorfacili

69 – Beauty and warmth

table decorated for new year
Foto: @moodluxcandles

70 – more neutral decoration, with few elements

new year party table
Photo: @portaldasfestas

71 – A beautiful bow to decorate the New Year’s table

table set new year
Foto: @artecomcapricho

72 – New Year’s panel full of glitter

new year panel 2021
Photo: @barbariskikids

73 – Decorating glasses and bottles with little investment

new year cups
Photo: @alisoninspires

74 – Table arrangements complete the decoration of the environment

vases for new year
Foto: @magic_moments_mm

75 – For those who are passionate about decorating with candles

new year 2022 decoration with candles
Photo: @decorfacili

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